This cherry is in a class of its own! 'Carmen' is of Hungarian origin, bright red with a delicate and well-balanced flavor and of an amazing size. The beautifully, but for a sweet cherry uncharacteristically slowly growing trees are robust, the fruits ripen on a long stem and gleam in a bright red.


'Sárga Dragán' x 'H203'


weak-medium strong growth, good branching, very beautiful crown structure


medium late, S-Allele S4S5 (source: JKI, Dr. Mirko Schuster); pollinators in same ripening time i. a. 'Techlovan' (S), 'Early Korvic' (S), 'Canada Giant' ®, 'Sumgita' ®, 'Summit', 'Giorgia', 'Satin' ®, 'Sumele' (S), 'Starking Hardy Giant'; pollinators in another ripening time i. e. 'Karina', 'Oktavia', 'Schneiders späte Knorpel', 'Kordia'


4th cherry week, about 10–12 days after Burlat


very large (9 –13 g, Ø 32 mm), kidney-shaped fruits, long stem, bright red fruit skin


medium firm, dark red flesh, according to the fruit size large cherry pit, very juicy


very fine and pleasant acidity, wonderful harmonious flavor

Crop yield:

high and regular yield

Special notes:

'Carmen' inspires connoisseurs and gourmets by its taste and appearance. Fruits are all over the tree. Plastic sheeting is recommended because there is a tendency to burst when it rains.