Novembra Nojabraskaja

The large fruited pear 'Novembra®' convinces by its very distinctive and good aroma and, due to its good keeping quality, is recognized as one of the most important varieties among commercial fruit growers. Due to its robustness it is also perfect for private gardens - depending on the number of fruits on the tree one pear is enough as a snack for the whole family.



'Triumph de Vienne' x 'Decana'


medium to strong, spreading, well-branched


3–5 days after 'Conférence', rich, long and early, but slightly frost sensitive


mid-October, do not pick too early! ready for eating: November/December, cool storage possible until February/March


large, long, medium to cup-shaped, with waist; yellow green skin, russeting around the eye cavity and stalk


juicy, crispy if freshly harvested, medium to firm, thin to medium skin


sweet, distinctive pear aroma

Crop yield:

high, early, low tendency to alternation

Special notes:

low susceptibilty to diseases, tendency to large fruits