,Retina' is a scab tolerant (scab resistant Rvi6) and fire blight resistant early variety with marked purple coloured fruits,which are perfect for fresh consumption. The variety is recommended for both commercial production and private orcharding of connoisseurs with integrated and organic farming methods and as tall-stemmed tree for meadow orchards.


,Apollo' x ,BX 44,2'


strong, upright, moderate to strong branching


early to quite early, moderate, regular blossoming, low susceptibility to frost, diploid, good pollinators are among others ,Reglindis', ,Rewena', ,Golden Delicious', ,Idared', ,Piros', ,James Grieve'


time for harvest: end of August/beginning of September, somewhat consecutive; ripe for eating: from harvest until the end of September


large, elongated, pear-shaped fruits, very uniform. Yellow-green, smooth fruit skin with grained, purple cheek (40 – 80 %), no russeting


quite firm yellowish flesh, fine cell structure, juicy


pleasantly sweet and sourish, aromatic, strong

Crop yield:

early, regular, moderate yield

Special notes:

Resistant to fruit tree spider mite, tolerant to scab (scab resistant Rvi6), low susceptibility to mildew and fire blight. The Interreg IV project "Gemeinsam gegen Feuerbrand (together against fire blight) recommends it as tall-stemmed tree for meadow orchards.