How to avoid mistakes when pruning a fruit tree:

The most important tools

Your basic tool for pruning a fruit tree should consist of two parts: with a saw and pruning shears and of course ...more

Young trees need a lot of water:

Fruits trees have to carry a heavy burden in autumn

When the first fruits ripen fruit trees have to carry a heavy burden. Now it is important to ...more

Espalier fruit trees for the garden:

Which place is the best?

Fresh fruits even in small gardens? Espalier fruit trees are the solution. Places like walls are perfect because the plants are protected from bad weather and they can ...more

Time for Fruit trees:

Fruit trees should be planted in October

If you wish to harvest your first fruits in the next year you should look ahead in autumn. Experts recommend to plant the new fruit trees quite a long time before ...more

Apple harvest in october:

Apples may be stored for a long time if kept in a cool place

In October the late apple varieties finally ripen: Pinova, Sirius, Mairac and Relinda are ready to be harvested in mid-October followed ...more

Autumn-cleaning in the nest box:

When the brood has left home

When the last birds have left their nest boxes it is time for autumn cleaning. Cleaning is important because ...more

The correct way of picking Apples:

Gently grab with the whole hand

The beginning of autumn is the perfect time for apple picking. Of course, the apple should be ripe when being picked. If the apple detaches immediately from the bearing branch when ...more

Fruits trees may be trained in summer


In August it is harvest time for soft fruits like blackberries, gooseberries, raspberries and currants and for tree fruits like apples, pears, plums and quinces. Upon harvesting the gardener ...more

After harvest:

The right storage of fruits

In August it is harvest time for soft fruits like blackberries, gooseberries, raspberries and currants and for tree fruits like apples, pears, plums and quinces. Upon harvesting the gardener ...more

"Green" fertilization made easy:

Biological vitalization of the soil

Some plants resupply the soil with water and nutrients. Particularly suitable for this biological way of fertilization ...more

The summer Packed in JUST a Glass:

Easy bottling: this is the right way

The essential thing about bottling fruits and vegetables is the cleanliness and the meticulous compliance with predetermined ...more

FIRST berries are ready for harvesting:

Cut fructiferous shoots after harvesting

Summer raspberries produce a very early crop in June. The time for harvest has come when the berries have turned ...more

Flea beetles do not like showers:

Take action against these pests with water

With the first warm days flea beetles appear. They crawl from their winter quarters – whether a mulch layer ...more

Protection and fertilizer at the same time:

Mulching of open land

In the open countryside everything grows in a minimum of time, there is no open land in this part of the world. The situation is ...more

Glue against crawling pests:

Pests are crawling upwards the trunk

An effective protection from the winter moth females, ants and other crawling pests is a fruit tree grease band. The insects get caught ...more

The compost heap needs movement:

In spring, the compost heap should be transplanted

The decomposition in a compost heap requires air. Therefore, it is advisable ...more

A delicious and healthy salad:

Lamb’s lettuce with pear, cheese and nuts

The ingredients: lamb’s lettuce, a pear, 100 g of goat cheese, walnuts and butter. For the dressing, ...more

Springtime check-up of fruit trees:

Aphids love young shoots

They are only a few millimeters and often appear out of nowhere. Large numbers of ...more

Last chance:

Raspberries and strawberries can still be planted

The perfect time to plant any berry varieties is autumn. Those who missed this date can ...more

Planting fruit trees:

Now it’s the best time for planting early flowering stone fruit!

Yet before the trees are sprouting is the right time for planting fruit trees. At first, early flowering stone fruit like peaches, ...more






We've moved!

The Artevos GmbH was transferred to Freiburg! From now on you reach us under ...more





Frostbitten shoots?

Remove them now!

Have a look at your raspberries again! Should there be any frostbitten or diseased shoots, ...more





Shouldn’t be missed in any fruit garden:

The own compost

id you know that there are living more organisms in a hand full of garden compost than people ...more





crown volume

Saw instead of scissors!

With an eye to the “physiological” balance of the tree three to six specific sawing operations to reduce ...more





3 times top:

Plastic tree stakes

Rot-proof, maintenance-free and light-resistant – these are the three advantages which convince ...more





Loosen up:

Think of belts, ropes & co., now!

Certainly, the trunks of your fruit trees have properly grown over the last few months. That’s why it is ...more





Wrap up:

Straw for tall-stemmed berries!

Now it is time to wrap up your tall-stemmed berries on balcony, terrace or in the garden into ...more





Do not forget:

Check stored fruits from time to time!

Rotted fruits should be sorted out regularly, otherwise the other fruits may be infected ...more






How to prepare pears and quinces for winter!

Pears and quinces have shallow roots. To protect them from the cold you should ...more





Time for new plants:

“clever” new ARTEVOS varieties

Permanent trouble with scab, mildew or fire blight? Many of the new ARTEVOS ...more





You have to try:


In her Café in Berlin Cynthia Barcomi offers American inspired cake ...more





No chance

for annoying mice!

Do you still remember? It was a warm winter – with many offspring among mice families. ...mehr





Now it’s time for picking.

You need the right tools!

To have a look at professionals may be worth when choosing a harvest basket. ...more





Internal breakdown of quinces?

Everything is alright!

Sometimes hot, sometimes cold. Sometimes wet, sometimes dry. If the weather ...more





Another harvest

of raspberries?

Either as jam, in joghurt or in a shake, on a cake or in a punch ...more





Let the

water flow!

Outside it is still dry and warm? Then you should again water “late” peach ...more





Shake your

apple trees!

The June drop has already made fall a lot of redundant fruits – this might still not be sufficient. ...more





Summer pruning

yes, no or maybe?

Good question! As is often the case, it depends: summer pruning, either ripping or  ...more





Apples and pears

Apples and pears are trickling from the trees!

Yes and that is quite normal: “June fruit drop” ...more




Sticky and hot outside?


Control your gooseberries for mildew! Should you detect something, ...more





Have you already thought about it

Now it’s time to remove weeds!

Unloved, but necessary! Because weeds are a real thief of nutritients ...more





frosty Bazi

Do you know the frosty Bazi?

Finally they arrived: the warm summer days. But be careful: on the frosty “Bazi” ...more





Doing something good for your berries:

Covering with organic materials!

Whether currant, raspberry or blackberry – these berries are shallow-rooting plants and ...more





Are you already longing for the summer season?

Now that the days are getting longer, our winter coats are stowed in the cabinet ...more





Great titmouse, tree sparrow & Co.


A lot of native songbirds are excellent assistants in the orchard. ...more




The time has come

plant fruit trees in the early spring!

It is true, a good time to plant most ...more





Test you soil

for nutrients now!

What is the nutrients level of your soil? ...more





„Anschneiden“ or

„Ableiten“: So what?

From time to time these two terms lead to confusion among garden enthusiasts ...more





Whitewash to prevent frost damages

so, let’s start painting!

It seems to be quite unusual but it is an effective step: ...mehr




Dormancy in the orchard

there is still a lot left to do!

It is still very quiet in the gardens. ...more





Protection in winter:

cover of beech leaves!

Since beech leaves decompose very slowly they are ...more





fruit trees

Cure for fatigue!

Even fruit trees get tired and do not grow as before. ...more





tree nursery

Have a stop at the tree nursery!

There isn’t permanent frost outside, the icy winter is long in coming?. ...more





Very delicious, very simple:

Our recipe for quince jam!

1,5 kg of ripe quinces, 1 kg of jam sugar and some lemon peel – that’s all you need. ... more





Is the pear sufficiently ripe or not?

That’s how you recognize reliably: slightly ... more





Off to store

The right way to keep apples!

Apples like to be stored in the basement at a temperature ... more





“Poire belle Hélène”

Who invented it?

If you believe in culinary anecdotes it was the famous chef ... more





Harvesting apples

when is the right time?

When the apple seeds are really brown, when the stem removes easily, ... more






harvesting in a very small space!!

Yes, espalier fruit is back! Wherever you look you can see it: on walls, ... more





Plum juice

that fizzes!

Wash up 1 kg of plums, slice, pit and hash them. Slowly boil up in a pot 375 ml of water, 100 g of sugar, ... more





Glass wasp catchers

Go in!

Gefräßige Wespen haben es auf Zwetschgen, Mirabellen und andere Früchte abgesehen. ... more






in the apple?

The apples fall from your trees even though they are unripe? Usually it is a worm that is responsible: ... more





fruit trees

A bald tree in the first year!!

To ensure that your fruit trees will not suffer from stunted growth but yields a large crop for many years, ... more





Anti-bird netting

gives protection to cherries!

Yes, that’s true! But if you want to protect your cherry trees ... more





Time for a snack

Cherry season starts now!

Although the cherry weeks do not only last seven but eight days, ... more





Leaf buds

are opening?

“Hands off shears!”. As soon as the buds burst you should not cut anymore. In spring, ... more





Quite busy

beneficial organisms with a hearty appetite

Ladybird, green lacewing, ichneumon and Co.: All of them bustle in our gardens and could truly eat their natural enemies up! ... more




Narrow and tasty

Artevos columnar trees

„Rhapsodie“, „Pidi Merlin“ or „Säulenboskoop Spurkoop“ – in the garden as a hedge or as a tub plant on the terrace, the columnar trees of Artevos... more




For velvet prospects

it’s still time to prune peach trees!

Following the last harvest you have failed to prune, you may now in spring, shortly before blossoming, ... mehr





For a wonderful “hairy” harvest

Plant gooseberries now!

Especially spring is a good time to plant gooseberries. Preferably you should choose a place where the berries are not exposed to the blazing sun ... more





Remove glue bands!

In order that useful insects can “resume their work” on your fruit trees ... more






Now it’s time.

Of course we want you to enjoy the wintertime, but to be honest we have thought of something different ... more




The same procedure every year:

it’s time for the „correct“ tree pruning!

Just after Christmas and New Year‘s Eve we need to cut our fruit trees. January is the traditional month to do so. ... more




Still very mild?

Then plant fruit trees!

Christmas is coming up, but outside it is still quite mild: so there is still time to plant fruit trees. Even bare rooted trees and also bushes can be planted. ... more




storage cellars

Airing from time to time!

Either in storage cellars or in fruit storages: apples and other fruits produce ethylen wehen ripening. This gas accelerates as so called phytohormone the ... more