apple juice

Hmm! Home-made apple juice –
so simple, so delicious!

Your apple trees are harvested and the picking was worth the effort: many apple pies have already spoiled the foodies in the house and still the baskets are full. How about a home-made apple juice? We can offer a recipe which is both tasty and special and which will bring juicy treat on your table in only 20 minutes!

For six glasses you need two kg of apples, 500 g of romaine lettuce and three or four tablespoons of elderberry syrup. Wash the apples and cut them into quaters, the lettuce has to be cleaned, washed and dried in a salad spinner. Put the apple quaters and the lettuce in a juice extractor and make juice. Season with elderberry syrup and pour in glasses. If you like you can decorate the fresh juice with some apple slices! Enjoy it!
By the way, do not prepare apple juice ahead, since it quickly oxidates and becomes brown. Prepare only as much juice as will be drunk immediately.


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