Attention: Storm warning

wind shield for pot plants

The stormy November is there: bigger pots have a larger area exposed to strong squalls, thunderstorms and storms and can overturn easily. To avoid this and to make sure your plants will survive this stormy period there are a few tricks. Of course you should try to find for your pots places protected from the wind. If this is not possible put smaller pots which are at risk of overturning in bigger pots weighed with stones or sand. Alternatively you can simply bore two holes in the bottom of the pot and fix it with two screws on a big, round wooden plate. It is very important that the plate has a big hole in the middle to make sure the drain hole is not blocked. Wood logs put underneath all around may also prevent overturning.

Very late prunes as for example the especially delicious and juicy firm Topend Plus or Presenta of ARTEVOS can be harvested until the end of October and are characterized by its excellent suitability for storage. Since late prunes are not only more aromatic but lose less juice while baking you should quickly bake a delicious plum cake for the next afternoon coffee. Your guests will be thrilled!


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