HOW WE think,
how we act

Active for the good taste, we are developing new fruit varities for professional orcharding as well as hobby gardening clients. For as different as they are, all our newly designed varieties have one important thing in common: a new flavorful experience that meets the highest demands, both with a view to fruit and trees. Only then can crop protection be significantly minimized or even prove redundant.

latest, well-founded DEVELOPMENTS for innovative varieties

With regard to the purchase and commercialization of new varieties, we work closely with respected institutions both at home and abroad, specialising in cultivation work. For this reason we monitor and particpate in current developments.


The Basis of our aCtivities: patience and Accuracy

Before we add a new feature to our range of products, it has to pass a number of tests. Trees regarded as possible „candidates“ are planted in several locations, all under  different climatic conditions, and they are closely monitored for several years. We work very closely with professional commercial fruit farmers as well as teaching and research institutions – from the northern to the southernmost corner of Germany and also abroad. On the basis of scientific analyses, multi-year observations of the growth behaviour and health, as well as after numerous tastings and taste tests by professionals and consumers, we then make our decision for or against a species. It often takes more than 20 years before a variety can be marketed.

OPen to innovative IDEAS

We are firmly convinced that only together we can develop valuable ideas for new varieties. By „we“ we mean ARTEVOS and our partners, but also interested nurseries and fruit farmers who want to take advantage of our new varieties and our range of products for their production success. In order that these companies / enterprises can participate in our new fruit varieties and contribute to their multiplication, we issue licences.

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simply versatile: oUr product range

Our product range focuses on pome and stone fruits and a selection of soft fruit. The pillar, dwarf and ornamental fruit is a special segment of our cultivation activities. We offer productive varieties with proven properties to both the professional and private grower – properties that compete with the usual standard varieties and which may well surpass them sometimes. Thanks to our continuous success in cultivating many of our species in intensive production, guarantee a high packout as well as significant cost saving through minimised use of plant protection and tree upkeep services. Hobby gardeners too can expect a rich harvest of the ARTEVOS varieties.

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on the road under the banner of good taste

Besides  cultivation management of new varieties, we have set ourselves another „core task“. Our goal is to provide comprehensive marketing efforts that drive demand and thus promote the sales of new fruit varieties. We use the Internet, are represented at all major trade fairs and provide extensive information to interested parties. In addition, we regularly present lectures on our growing successes and keep in touch with the trade-related press.