,Piros' is a high-quality early variety and one of the first summer varieties to open the new apple season. It is already at the end of July that fruits with a bright red cheek can be harvested. The fruits are characterized by their white flesh with a fine cell structure. Due to its resistance to frost this variety can also be grown in higher altitudes.


,Helios' x ,Apollo'


slow to moderate, pyramidal crown without dominant centre, very loose, low branching, a lot of short, quite strong fruiting wood, rolled leaves are typical of the variety


quite early, like ,James Grieve', long lasting, very high and regular blossoming, somewhat sensitive to frost, diploid, good pollinators are among others ,Golden Delicious', ,Pinova', ,Retina'.


time for harvest: end of July/early August; ripe for eating: minimum three weeks from harvest


mid-size to large, high-built, somewhat ribbed, slightly asymmetric, greenish yellow fruit skin with bright red and flamed cheek on its sunny side, strong pruinose


soft to quite firm, bright yellow flesh, somewhat sensitive to pressure due to fine cell structure


fine fruity aroma, good balance between sweetness and sourness

Crop yield:

slowly starting, but later high, regular yield

Special notes:

High resistance to winter frost, low cutting effort, but somewhat balding, therefore regular cutting is recommended as well as thinning. The variety is recommended by the Bayerische Landesanstalt für Weinbau und Gartenbau (LWG) (standard range for house and allotment gardens.