Relinda - robust to fire blight - is a scab tolerant (scab resistant vf) storage variety, especially suitable even for later processing. In warm locations it is also recommended as dessert fruit – both for the commercial fruit production and for private gardens and meadows with scattered fruit trees. With its specific growth character, it is of particular interest for landscape shaping orcharding.


Undine x BX 44,14


medium to strong, long, overhanging fruit wood, well-branched, with thin shoots, dense crown


medium early, regular und high, low to medium frost-sensitive, diploid, good pollinator, good pollinators are Reanda, Reglindis, Rewena etc.


fruit ripe for picking: mid October; ripe for consumption: December to April


in CA storage storable until June


medium-sized fruits, round to slightly ribbed, medium bulbous, small calyx, deep stem deepening, yellow fruit skin with up to 70 % full red grained body colour, slightly russeted


fruit pulp firm to very firm (to the bite), somewhat coarse-celled, juicy


sourish, fruity, aroma reminiscent of mandarins

Crop yield:

medium early onset, is medium high and very regular

Special notes:

scab tolerant (scab resistant vf), fire blight robust winter variety, well-suited as cider due to its high sournishess ratios, and in warm regions even as a refreshing juicy apple for fresh consumption; recommended for meadows with scattered fruit trees