This columnar tree of the new generation requires only litte space and convinces with delicious fruits and its resistance to scab. It is the ideal partner on terrace and balcony or for growing a narrow hedge. A dessert apple with many uses and a long shelf life.


,UEB 2345/1' x ,Tuscan' (,Bolero®')


weak, compact, columnar growth, final size 3 – 4 m


quite late, diploid


time for harvest: approx. mid-September/end of September; ripe for eating: from harvest to December (root cellar, later becoming soft)


medium-sized, flattened, conical, with a short stem, smooth skin, slightly fatty, no russeting, green-yellow basic colour, up to 50 % of orange-red, slightly striped cheek


creamy-white flesh, quite firm and very juicy


harmonious, pleasantly aromatic

Crop yield:

early onsetting, because of tendency to *alternate bearing* thinning is recommended

* The tendency of fruit trees to bear fruit in two-year cycles, consisting of large crops followed by little or no crop, is termed alternate or biennial bearing *

Special notes:

scab tolerant (scab resistant Rvi6) home garden variety ballerina-type with good taste, slightly susceptible to mildew; the variety is recommended by the Bayerische Landesanstalt für Weinbau und Gartenbau (LWG) (standard range for gardens and allotments)