Storm warning – wind shield for pot plants

The stormy November is there: bigger pots have a larger area exposed to strong squalls, thunderstorms and storms and can overturn easily. To avoid this and to make sure your plants will survive this stormy period there are a few tricks. ... mehr



Late prunes, late pleasure!

late pleasure!

Very late prunes as for example the especially delicious and juicy firm Topend Plus or Presenta of ARTEVOS ... more



Cherry, damson and plum

To be planted now!

October – now its time for planting: bare rooted cherry, damson and plum trees should be placed in a bucket of water for 24 hours, where possible, ... more




From the tree in the bottle

the pression period has finally started!

The harvest time on apple plantations and meadow orchards in all German growing areas has started. ... more




Queen of the pears

Williams Christ

Once again they are now hanging on the trees - ripe, sweet and juicy: the pears’ season has started. Today there exist more than 5.000 pear varieties, but the Williams Christ is still the queen among them. ... more




Delicacy for your health

new apple varieties!!

Crunchy, fresh, delicious and healthy: Apples of the new crop are very healthy. The vitamin C content of apples just cropped is higher than those of apples which have been stored. ... more




A favorite among perfumers:

The black currant

Guerlain, Fendi, Estée Lauder, Yves Saint Laurent, Valentino or Lancôme – worldwide celebrated and successful fragrance ... more





Summer pruning

Summer pruning – did you think of it?

Summer pruning is of particular need for fast growing fruit trees. ... more





Coulure of raspberries?

This might be the reason …

Coulure is often the result of a non sufficient fertilization of the flowers. Many varieties have to be fertilized by bees. ... mehr





Summer feeling:

gooseberry jam with Campari

Uniquely red, unique in taste: That is how we know the distinctive aperitif from Italy. ... more





Wild bees, plant louses & co.

Beneficial organisms as a helpful support

Starting with the birds in the garden which devour many pests, the list of useful and busy “little helpers” is long. ... more




Lithe & lissome

How often do you have to repot pillar fruit trees in buckets?

Due to its slim growths pillar apple or pear trees look good on balcony, terrace and small grounds. ... more




Strange creativity techniques

Schiller and the rotten apples

Anecdotes tell: The famous Friedrich Schiller had a secret recipe to find creative ideas and ... more






For a fine velvet delicious treat: what raspberries need!

To ensure a good thriving of the fine and generous berries it is important to consider their special needs when preparing the ground for planting. ... back





Great: The ground elder is there!

If either called bishop's weed, herb gerard, or goutweed: the ground elder is a plant which some of the gardeners would prefer to not exist since it readily spreads and is hard to remove. But instead of being annoyed you can make a tasty lemonade of it. ... more




Harvesting in summer and autumn

Basically, we have to distinguish these sweet and fine fruits between summer fruiting raspberries and autumn/late fruiting raspberries. The summer raspberries are picked between the end of July and the beginning of August, the autumn fruiting raspberries much later. ... more



Alma Ata

Home of the ancestor of our today’s apples

The wild apple “Malus sieversii”, which is regarded to be the ancestor of our today’s apple, still grows on the mountainsides above the city of Alma Ata in Kazakhstan. ... more




a little help

With a little help at last more fruits!

The fruit harvest is still meagre? An excessively vertical growing of the branches might lead to weak blooming and little fruit. ... more





Valentine’s Day

Fruit of Eden for Valentine’s Day

The apple not only has a meaning for Adam and Eve. As a symbol of love it also appears in connection with the North Germanic Freya, goddess of fertility and love. ... more





thinning out

Now it is time for thinning out pear trees

Wintry work in the orchards: crowns have to be pruned now. Crossing branches
and inward growing knots are removed. ... more






Our favourite fruit hibernates …

Our favourite fruit is – how could it be otherwise -
the apple. To be able to enjoy it every day and not only
... more

Pear schnapps

High-proof delight

For this fine schnapps you need about 250 g of ripe pears. Wash the pears, cut them into quarters, remove the core and finally cut them into fine slices. ... more

espalier fruit

Small, yet excellent: espalier fruit

Espalier fruit has a centuries-old tradition – whether decorating the façade, providing a “fruity” privacy or supplying vitamins. The popular apple and pear espalier trees are suitable for bright walls on the southern side of a house.  ... more


Hmm! Home-made apple juice - so simple, so delicious!

Your apple trees are harvested and the picking was worth the effort: many apple pies have already spoiled the foodies in the house and still the baskets are full. ... more

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