Very delicious, very simple:

Our recipe for quince jam!

1,5 kg of ripe quinces, 1 kg of jam sugar and some lemon peel – that’s all you need. Who likes it more refined adds a piece of ginger.
First remove the furry bloom of the quinces, preferably with a cloth or wire brush. Then remove the stem and the core and quarter the quinces. Boil the quarters in a pot, slightly covered with water, until they are soft. Press the pulp through a fine sieve. Who likes the jam with more chunks of fruit can also use the immersion blender. Then mix the pulp with the sugar and marinade for 15 minutes. Now add the lemon peel and boil up to a viscous, homogenous mass. Just skim the foam and fill the jam in rinsed jars and close well. Good luck!


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