Fruity and harmonious in taste, versatile in processing: ,Achat' is a modern sour cherry that will make friends quickly due to its well-balanced sugar-acidity-ratio. Because of the almost unnoticeable acidity it is the perfect cherry for fresh consumption – either for direct marketing or for having a snack in the own garden.


,Köröser' x ,Klon 2,40' (,Fanal' x ,Kelleriis 16')


strong, horizontally spreading with average degree of branching; almost no blind wood, blossoms and fruit buds on perennial wood (bouquet-shaped shoots)


quite early, self-fertile


medium-early, 4th cherry week, at least 14 days before "Schattenmorelle"


mid-size fruits, 25 to 27 mm / 8 to 9 g, ellipsoidal, dark red, quite firm


red flesh, quite firm, round stone, mid-size


pleasantly fruity, almost unnoticeable acidity

Crop yield:

moderate to high

Special notes:

,Achat' is a productive variety for commercial fruit growers and self-sufficient cultivation. ,Achat' is characterized by its fruits on perennial branches and the long harvest season. It is robust to Monilia and is recommended for example by the Bayerische Landesanstalt für Weinbau und Gartenbau (LVG) as fruit tree novelty for house and allotment gardens.



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