Due to its long harvest season 'Aida' guarantees pleasure for a long period which is not even affected by rain because of the firm skin of the aromatic fruits. It is not only the tree with its good branching and healthy leaves that is attractive but also the shiny dark-red cherries with bright speckles.


'Moldvai fekete' x 'H 236, IV -13/20'


harmonious tree structure, only low tendency for blind wood, characterized by reddish shoot tops on budding


early blossoming, S-Allele S6S12 (source: JKI, Dr. Mirko Schuster); pollinators in same ripening time i. a. 'Christiana' (S), 'Samba' ®, 'Sumste' (S), 'Satin' ®, Sumele (S); pollinators in another ripening time i. e. 'Rita' (S), 'Bellise' ®, 'Bedel', 'Burlat', 'Merchant', 'Sweetheart' ®, 'Sumtare' (S), 'Lapins' 


4th cherry week, evenly ripening, long harvest period


large to very large heart-shaped fruit, deep stalk cavity and thick, medium long stem, colour: dark-red, almost black, shiny, bright speckles


very firm, when fully riped red, almost black flesh, high Brix-values


pleasantly aromatic

Crop yield:

high, single fruits, partially in 

Special notes:

It is recommended to have the varieties effectively matured – when harvested too early they might have an unharmonious taste with a slightly bitter note.



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