Aprikyra M47

Apricot meets cherry - 'Aprikyra' is an interspecific hybrid between apricot and plum, - this results in an unique aroma,reminiscent of cherry, which has not been there in this form before. The variety is self-fertile and due to its blossom - early, but after the apricots - it is well adapted to our climate.


slowly growing tree with blossoms on 1- and 2-year-old wood


self-fertile, directly after the apricots


July, together with medium early apricots


dark purple-red


roundish fruits, the fruit size is between cherry and apricot


the composition results in a unique flavor which reminds of cherries

Crop yield:

high, regular yields

Special notes:

resistant to monilia, very frost-hardy wood; in order to obtain a good taste thinning is recommeded