Blue Frost Nr. 7302

The dark blue, beautifully pruinose fruits gave this variety its name. Due to its high sugar levels together with a pleasant acidity ‚Azura‘ is a good choice as dessert fruit as well as for baking purposes. The tree can be easily cultivated and the healthy dark green leaves complete the attractive appearance.


‚Hanita‘ x ‚Cacaks Schöne‘


medium strong, to be managed easily


early, partially self-fertile, good pollinators are: ‚Hanita‘, ‚Haroma‘, ‚Katinka‘


mid-August (after ‚Cacaks Schöne‘ and ‚Hanita‘)


mid-size to large, uniformly dark blue fruits with strong pruinosity


firm fruits which are well transportable and storable, stone can be removed easily



pleasant plum aroma, slight acidity with high degrees Oechsle


Crop yield:

early onsetting, good and regular


Special notes:

as it is important for all colored plums the fruits should not be harvested too early – only harvest when the fruits can be easily picked from the tree; the variety can also be picked well with its stem; the testing for sharka (plum pox virus) only showed little symptoms on the leaf but not on the fruit




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