Nomen est omen - this valuable oranamental apple owes its name to its habit which reminds of a candelabrum. Due to its compact growth and its resistance to scab it is perfect to be grown in small gardens or tubs on balcony and terrace.


,Topaz' x ,Tuscan' (,Bolero®')


weak, very compact, columnar with very thick wood and dense vigorous fruiting wood


quite late, diploid; normally, in our regions pollinators in the same garden are not necessary, since there are enough apple trees around. If grown in tubs on balcony or terrace of towns or cities ,Pidi Merlin' is recommended as pollinator.


mid-September to the end of September, ripe for eating from harvest to December (root cellar)


medium-sized to large, spherical/conical, basic colour is greenish yellow to yellow, no body colour, no russeting


quite firm, later soft, fine cell structure; very juicy


harmonious flavour

Crop yield:

good, regular

Special notes:

in an over-crop situation thinning is recommended to get fruits of the same size and a regular yield; scab resistant (Rvi6), mildew tolerant