Early Korvik

This cherry captivates by an exceptionally aromatic taste with a fine acidity, yet marvellously sweet with elegant wine aromas. Its large, heart-shaped fruit is eminently firm, juicy and dark red with tinting juice. Although the fruits ripen at the same time and harvesting in a single operation is possible, the fruits can remain on the tree for quite a long time and offer a long harvest time.


,Kordia' x ,Vik'


quite strong growth, only medium large crowns, uniformly garnished


medium late, good pollinator, S-Allele S2S6 (source: JKI, Dr. Mirko Schuster); pollinator with same ripening time i. e.: ,Kordia', ,Satin ®', ,Sumele' (S), ,Starking Hardy Giant', ,Sumbola' (S); pollinator with different ripening time i. e.: ,Merchant', ,Giorgia', ,Burlat'


4th cherry week


heart-shaped with a protruding apix, long stem, very large, dark to black red, slightly violet


quite firm and juicy flesh, dark red with tinting juice, hardly ever burst


excellent, sweet with an aroma of wine

Crop yield:

early onsetting yields, high and regular

Special notes:

The cherries of ,Early Korvik' can be easily picked, the variety is recommeded by commercial fruit growers as "early Kordia". The fruits should fully ripen on the tree, otherwise they suffer of a slightly bitter note.