,Gerlinde' combines the flavours of the popular variety ,Elstar' with a ripening at the end of August. Commercial fruit growers therefore also call it ,early Elstar'. The medium to strongly growing tree is very healthy with a high and regular yield, the fruits are appealingly red-flamed. Due to its simple handling and distinctive health the variety is not only perfect for commercial producers but also for private gardens.


,Elstar' x ,TSR 15 T3'


quite strong growth, thin and hanging wood


good pollinators are ,Rubinette', ,Cox Orange', ,James Grieve' and others


mid- to end of August


mid-size, slightly flat shape; intensive red-flamed on golden yellow skin


firm and juicy flesh


good to very good, distinctive Elstar flavour

Crop yield:

medium to high yield

Special notes:

scab tolerant (scab resistant Rvi6), only slightly susceptible to mildew, resistant to tree cancer. Recommended i. e. by the Landratsamt Ortenaukreis as well as by the Bayerische Landesanstalt für Weinbau und Gartenbau (LWG), (standard range for house and allotment gardens)