It is not surprising that ‚Haganta‘ is one of the "big sellers" among the plum varieties. Due to its impressive size and its distinctive sweet flavor it guarantees pure pleasure. The variety is very robust and the tree can be managed very easily because of its well-balanced growth. Therefore, it is a very popular variety to be planted either in private gardens or by commercial fruit producers.


‚Cacaks Beste‘ x ‚Valor‘


medium strong growth, loose structure with flat, very favorable branch separation, therefore easily to manage


good pollinators are ‚Hanita‘, ‚Katinka‘, ‚C. Schöne‘, partially self-fertile


September, before/together with ‚President‘


very large, elongated oval fruit, dark blue with strong pruinosity, diameter above 42 mm, fruit weight 50–80g


yellow flesh, golden-yellow when fully ripe, firm, juicy, can be removed easily from the stone


excellent taste with balanced sugar/acidity ratio

Crop yield:

early onsetting, high

Special notes:

low susceptibility to disease, very healthy leaf, not restistant to sharka (plum pox virus), but not particularly susceptible; prone to cavity formation in some years