'Hanka' ripens as one of the first plums varieties immediately after the 'Katinka' and is cultivated accordingly in the commercial fruit grower as an alternative to 'Ersinger'. Due to its long shelf life it is recommended for marketing for fresh consumption and because of the good stone solubility - also as plum for baking. 'Hanka' is already flourishing and already producing on a 1-year-old shoot and regularly yields high yields.


'Hanita' x 'Katinka'


moderate with flat branch separation, unproblematic training


medium-early, together with 'Cacaks Schöne', self-fertile, good pollinators are: 'Katinka', 'Presenta' and 'C.Schöne'


end of July to mid-August, substitute for 'Ersinger'


blue, elongated fruit with pruinosity,


stone can be removed easily, firm and juicy flesh,


excellent, harmonious sugar/acidity ratio, 70-75 degrees Oechsle

Crop yield:

early onsetting, high and regular, first fruits already in the year of planting

Special notes:

sharka tolerant and not very susceptible. Do not harvest too early: Hanka turns blue early on, even before it reaches its optimal maturity. Then it says, wait a bit.