Haronia is a chance seedling which was found in Tiergarten in central Baden and which convinces because of its sweet aroma and the very long grapes. The large berries are resistant to bursting and therefore well suited for storage and transportation. With its regular yields, its early ripening and the long harvest period it enriches the range.


chance seedling


growth habit slightly stronger than ,Red Lake', with more leaf, therefore less danger of sunburn


early, before or together with ,Red Lake', very long harvest period


long grapes with very large berries; the color stays stable even when fully ripe


no bursting, long stem, easy to pick


very aromatic, compared with other varieties only little acidity

Crop yield:

very fruitful, strong cutting is necessary, high yields with a very high fruit quality due to a high level of sprouting

Special notes:

very healthy wood, thus optimal to be grown as a spindle with one sprout, high susceptibility for mildew (like ,Red Lake')