The novelty ,Jachim' is from Saxony and the optimal sour cherry for the small housegarden or even for the balcony: it grows like a column (pillar type) and therefore needs only few space; it is very robust and gets along with only few cultivation; fruits are on the one and two years old wood and hence almost no pruning is necessary. And its taste is great!


,Köröser' x ,Safir'


Upright, pillar shaped. Pruning is not necessary, only redundant branches may be removed. To get a tree with only one main shoot the shoots of the side branches shall be removed regularly.


medium-late, very rich, self-fertile


medium-late, about 1 week before 'Schattenmorelle'


ellipsoidal, mid-size, dark-red


dark-red flesh, quite firm


good, with a gut, well-balanced sugar-acid-ratio

Crop yield:

Regular and high.

Special notes:

,Jachim' was selected in the course of the sour cherry breeding programme of the Julius Kühn institute, Dresden-Pillnitz, by Mirko Schuster. It is characterized by fruit production, its columnar growth with ornamental value and especially by its blossoming in spring.