James Grieve Super Compact Super Kompakt

Super Compact is a trend apple with a maximum of yield in a most confined space – nevertheless fruity fresh and productive: a solid, unpretentious apple variety, this columnar shape of James Grieve.


weak, very compact, columnar with, very thick wood and dense vigorous fruiting wood, valuable growth form for the garden


quite late, diploid, good pollen creator, potential pollinator are i.e. 'Alkmene', 'Arlet', 'Golden Delicious', 'Goldparmäne', 'Idared'


from the end of August; ripe for eating: from September until October  


round, red striped


juicy flesh with a fine cell structure


refreshing sourish

Crop yield:

good, regular

Special notes:

differs from the well-known early apple ,James Grieve' due to its strongly reduced growth, hardly susceptible to scab and mildew