Jofela Nr. 7346

Originating from a crossing of the so far only sharka (plum pox virus) resistant plum variety ,Jojo' and the variety ,Felsina' with excellent qualities in taste ,Jofelo' combines the positive characteristics of its parents. The healthy tree bears excellent fruits which can be harvested over a long period and which are perfectly suited for fresh consumption as well as for bakery purposes.


‚Jojo‘ x ‚Felsina‘


medium, flat branch separation


medium, self-fertile


September (together with ,Hauszwetschge'), fruits ripen very consistently; long harvest period - in some years harvest was possible till October, flesh then becomes soft


elongated oval, mid-size fruits of dark violet to dark blue color with strong pruinosity, form is similar to ,Felsina'


golden yellow, firm flesh, can be removed very easily from the stone


very aromatic, balanced sugar/acidity ratio with high degrees Oechsle

Crop yield:

early onsetting, high to very high regular yields

Special notes:

The absolutely sharka (plum pox virus) resistant variety is heat resistant, well storable and its susceptibility to monilia is all in all only low; it grows without any problems and can be managed easily; in 2012 four tests revealed 96 and 102 degree Oechsle with a high to very high yield