‚Jojo‘ is the world's first and still one of the few really sharka (plum pox virus) resistant plums. It is even suitable for areas with high sharka incidence. The breeding of Dr. Walter Hartmann bears firm fruits which can be harvested over a long period. Tree care and pruning are very simple, so ‚Jojo‘ is perfect for house gardens. It is also well suitable for commercial fruit producers.



‚Ortenauer‘ x ‚Stanley‘


loose, weak to medium strong growth


early blossoming, self-fertile


September, long harvesting period; at least half of the fruit flesh should be yellow-colored before first harvest


oval, dark blue fruits with light blue tones, mid-size to large


firm and juicy, stone can be removed quite easily


sweet and sourish, harmonious

Crop yield:

early onsetting, high and regular yield

Special notes:

excellent tree form with a loose crown structure; late frost altitudes should be avoided because of the early blossoming; certain susceptibility to Pseudomonas, therefore it is recommended to plant on good plum soils; colors early even if not ripe - for a good flavour harvest at the right time