The plum ‚Juna‘ delights discerning epicures which could hardly expect the fruity delicacy. Thanks to the early ripening ‚Juna‘ is one of the first plums in the year and is convincing due to its aromatic taste and the firm flesh - a full-bodied alternative to the traditional plum ‚Herman‘.


‚Katinka‘ x ‚Zwintschers Frühe‘


medium strong with flat branch separation, can be managed without any problems


medium early, slightly frost-sensitive, self-fertile


very early, together with ‚Herman‘, very balanced ripening


dark blue to light violet skin, elongated fruits, size like house plum


stone can be removed very well from the yellow green to light yellow flesh that is surprisingly firm even at full ripeness; best baking quality


full-bodied with a pleasant sugar/acidity ratio

Crop yield:

very early onsetting, high and regular

Special notes:

heat resistant; ideally suited for baking and for fresh comsumption; due to its excellent taste a real alternative to the traditional early varieties; thinning is recommended for larger fruits