This apple is a cult, because not one looks like another and yet all have a typical face. The unusual fruit coloration with conspicious red and yellow stripes is a real eye-catcher – on the tree as well as on the table. The typical, fine-sourish, juicy taste awakens the finest flavors. Karneval is scab tolerant (scab resistant Rvi6), hardly susceptible to mildew and also ideal for the private garden.


,Vanda' x ,Cripps Pink'


quite strong, vigorous fruiting wood


quite early, diploid; pollinators are among others: ,Topaz', ,Pinova', crabapples


September, early October (without reference to 'Golden Delicious'); can be stored in natural storage even until January/February


mid-size, ball-/cone-shaped, weakly ribbed, unusual colorful fruit coloration with eye-catching red stripes on a yellow skin, no russeting


quite firm flesh, white, juicy


slightly sourish, pleasantly aromatic

Crop yield:

high, early onsetting, regular

Special notes:

scab tolerant (scab resistant Rvi6), hardly susceptible to mildew, so far no cancer; recommended by the Landratsamt Ortenaukreis für den Hausgarten. The special coloration is best reached on slightly shady places - avoid summer pruning