,Kuresia' not only convinces with its aromatic flavor, good fruit colorations but also with its beautiful pink-red and rampant blossom and is recommended for both the hobby gardener and for commercial fruit production, also because of its sharka (plum pox virus) resistance.


strong, robust growth, slightly broad-crowned


mid-size, medium early, self-fertile


ripe for consumption by the end of July/early August


mid-size fruit with only light seam, orange-yellow, red cheeks on its sun-exposed side


firm, weakly pressure-sensitive, bright orange flesh, can be removed from the stone, mid-size stone; very juicy when fully ripe


sweet-sourish, delicious apricot flavor

Crop yield:

good, regularly; these trees bearing lots of fruits require a thinning in order to get mid-size fruits

Special notes:

So far sharka (plum pox virus) solid variety; for commercial orcharding in sharka (plum pox virus) areas, also well suited for private cultivation.