The new variety ‘Leora‘, which was bred at the University of Geisenheim, is one the first to open the gooseberry season and is a real treat. With its intensive flavour, its smooth fruit skin, without the usual hair and with the attractive red colour of the fruits ‘Leora’ is well suited to be marketed fresh and is often offered as snack.


‘Pax‘ x ‘Rokula‘


Medium growth, upright, well branched if training a hedge, shoots are in the upper third, almost thorn free.


About 2 days after ‘Xenia’.


Very early, before/together with ‘Xenia‘.


Green-yellow with a bright red (market-ripe); dark red, oval-round (fully ripe).


Medium to large fruits (larger than the parents), very attractive, hairless, hardly ever burst, little fire blight.


Aromatic, typical gooseberry flavour, tasty even if market-ripe, the fruit skin is not sour.

Crop yield:

Consistent and quite high crop yields with a very high content of class 1.

Special notes:

Tendency to a very high crop load, therefore permanently new fruit branches, susceptible to mildew.