Mairac La Flamboyant

Successful apple with excellent storage behavior and excellent shelf life. A variety of apple, highly ranked in many tastings by experts and consumers. The apple with orange-camin red basic colour and large fruit tastes deliciously fresh. It is characterised by a very firm (to the bite), crisp, juicy fruit pulp with a slightly sourish taste. Mairac was developed with a view to optimum storability and the yield is very good and regular. The tree shows excellent vigorous fruiting wood with overhanging branches.


Gala x Maigold


medium strong, remarkably healthy, dark, glossy foliage with small leaves, vigorous fruiting wood


medium early blossoming, diploid, pollinators are 'Braeburn', 'Diwa®', 'Elstar', 'Gala', 'Golden Delicious', 'Idared', 'Pink Lady®', 'Topaz'


early to mid October (location Wädenswil, Switzerland), about 10 days after Golden Delicious


medium-sized to large, spherical, conical, regular, basic colour greenish yellow, orange- to carmin red body colour, yellowish fruit pulp


Very firm fruit pulp, crisp, juicy – Mairac was developed with an optimal storability, durable in CA-store (CA = Controlled Atmosphere) until at least March


appealing, sourish taste with a harmonious note – keeps its sourishness even in late spring

Crop yield:

excellent and regular

Special notes:

At an early stage the young trees provide excellently for vigorous fruiting wood with premature, horizontal shoots. Medium susceptibility to scab and mildew