Mars UEB 26002

,Mars' is an unproblematic desser variety for the garden and the ecological commercial fruit growing which can be grown even in higher altitudes. The yields are regular and good. The variety is scab tolerant (scab resistant Rvi6) as well as robust and healthy. The aromatic fruits can be stored in a natural storage even until February.


,UEB 1477/1' (,Jolana' x ,Rubin') x ,UEB 1435/2' (,Dukat' x ,Rubin')


weak/quite strong, spreading, vigorous fruiting wood


unopened light pink, early to mid-blossoming, diploid, good pollinator: 'Merkur'


Time for harvest is early October.


mid-size to large, spherical, slightly cone-shaped fruit; long stem, basic colour green-yellow, 50 to 100 % purple body colour, conspicious lenticels, smooth, dry skin, slight russeting


yellow/white flesh, firm, juicy


good taste, sourish and sweet, pleasant flavour

Crop yield:

early and regular

Special notes:

scab tolerant (scab resistant Rvi6), low susceptibility to mildew; recommended by the Landratsamt Ortenaukreis as well as by the Bayerische Landesanstalt für Weinbau und Gartenbau (LWG) as fruit tree novelty for (small) gardens