It was long-awaited, but now ,Paulus' fills a gap among the sweet cherries for private gardens: it is self-fertile and can be grown as single tree without a second pollinator. Large, firm fruits and an excellent flavour guarantee a pleasure in your own garden and even if it rains they hardly ever burst.


,Burlat' x ,Stella'


very vigorous tree, somewhat spreading, does not get bald, vigorous fruiting wood. Training is very important in the first two to three years. Healthy, dark green glossy leaves.


self-fertile (S-Allele S4‘S9), flowering in the middle of the season


5. - 6. cherry week, common experience shows that it differs depending on the site/climate (in some years there are differences between the regions Hungary (3. calendar week), Rhineland-Palatinate (5. calendar week) and Northern Germany (6. - 7. calendar week)


large fruits (≥ 28 mm) if crop is normal; medium short stem, red skin


dark black-red, firm flesh, hardly ever burst


aromatic and fruity sweet cherry flavour

Crop yield:

high and regular crop

Special notes:

No susceptibilities. Pruning of fruiting wood is recommended, otherwise the variety will tend to have too much fruits. Easy growing. Fruits are on the short fruiting wood.