Small orchards on balcony and terrace - ,Pidi' pampers with tasty red apples in autumn and a rich flowering in spring. This nearly columnar tree is not only slender but has a compact growth and thus requires minimum space. The variety is characterised by a high productivity and a good stability. Due to the low average growth, little cutting effort is required.


,Britemac' x ,Prima'


very compact, nearly columnar, slow growth; suitable in particular for planting in tubs, for the small garden or balcony


rich blossoming, quite early, long-lasting, diploid, good pollinator; good pollinators are: ,Cactus', ,Idared', ,Goldparmäne', ,Selena', ,Topaz'


mid-September until the end of September, ripe for eating from October up to December (root cellar)


medium-sized to large, regular, conical shape, creamy-yellow with bright red body colour


thin but firm fruit skin, creamy-white flesh, firm and juicy with a fine cell structure


very good taste, pleasant sugar-acidity-ratio and strong flavour

Crop yield:

early onsetting, high and very regular; the fruits can be stored up to 4 weeks

Special notes:

The variety is only slightly susceptible to scab, tolerant to mildew, fire blight and cancer. Well-suited as narrow hedge.