,Pilot: is a late winter variety, which is characterized by its firm flesh and its nutty flavour. The quite weakly growing tree is very productive, the fruits have a high vitamin c content. ,Pilot' fills a gap in the maturity group of varieties with a good keeping quality and can complement ,Idared‘. It is perfect for fresh consumption, but also for processing into apple juice for example.


,Clivia' x ,Undine'


weak to quite strong, main branches almost horizontal, loosely branched


medium-early, medium, usually regular blossoming, long-lasting, diploid; good pollinators are ,Idared', ,Golden Delicious', ,Elstar', ,Pinova', ,Remo', Rewena'


time for harvest: September; ripe for eating: February up to Jun; can be kept under controlled atmosphere (CA) up to July/August


flat to medium-high, mid-size fruits with tubercular calyx and broad, deep stem cavity. The skin of the apple is rough and pressure-resistant. The yellow to orange basic colour is covered up to 70 percent by a strong, veined, short striped vermillion.


very firm, juicy flesh


sourish taste, strong, nutty flavour

Crop yield:

very early, high, regular yields

Special notes:

perfect for education as a lean spindle with little pruning (cutting back/out) effort; the variety is recommended by the Bayerische Landesanstalt für Weinbau und Gartenbau (LWG) (standard range for house and allotment gardens)