The Dresdener variety ,Pinova' guarantees good taste. It has quickly gained acceptance and the apple market without this variety is hard to imagine. Not without reason: easy to be grown, productive, safe yields, juicy and tasty, very good keeping quality. For professionals or hobby gardeners: more isn't really possible.


,Golden Delicious' x ,Clivia'


nice crown, evenly branched, fruiting branches are willingly created


quite late, regular and high to very high blossoming, low to very low susceptibility to frost, tends to reflourishing, diploid, good pollinators are ,Elstar', ,Golden Delicious', ,Pilot',  ,Piros', ,James Grieve', 'Mairac®', 'Reanda', 'Retina', 'Rewena', 'Topaz'


time for harvest: beginning of to mid-October; ripe for eating: from November; good keeping quality without any problems


yellow basic colour with orange-red body colour, gradually emerging in the course of the maturation process


firm and crisp flesh


juicy, aromatic sweet and sourish taste

Crop yield:

very early, very high and regular

Special notes:

trouble-free variety, thinning is important, well suited for warm altitudes; winter dessert apple with very high yields and good keeping quality without any problems, ideal variety for cultivation as “lean spindle"; attractive variety with a high market value for intensive cultivation