Pirol Pirella

,Pirella' is an attractive autumn variety with high yields, which should be thinned to get a regular harvest. The tree has a very good structure and is easy to be grown, the fruits are large and extremely juicywith a fine cell structure and can be picked and eaten directly from the tree up to November. The variety is also suited for colder altitudes since the blossoms are quite insensitive to frost.


,Golden Delicious' x ,Alkmene'


quite strong, broadly spindle-shaped with good branching, thick fruiting branches, densely covered with short fruiting wood


medium-early, low susceptibility to frost; blossoming varies between very high and somewhat lower; diploid; good pollinators are among others: ,Piros', ,James Grieve', ,Reglindis', ,Idared', ,Retina'


time for harvest: mid to late September, ripening somewhat later so that two or more picking actions are necessary; ripe for eating: from harvest to November


large to very large, high built, slightly ribbed fruits, bright green, smooth fruit skin with bright red grain


yellowish, quite firm flesh, very fine and juicy


strong, refreshing sweet and sourish with fruity flavour

Crop yield:

early, high to very high, somewhat irregular

Special notes:

Rich-bearing top dessert variety for the autumn ripening period. Perfectly suited for commercial fruit production and home gardens. Only moderate susceptibility to mildew and fire blight, susceptibility to scab and frost (not to be grown in altitudes with frost). Thinning avoids alternance, easy to be grown.