,Pomforyou' is a healthy columnar apple tree whose fruits can be picked directly from the tree or stored for a longer time. Due to its lean and narrow growth and a lush flowering the tree is perfect for balcony, terrace or as a lean fruit hedge. Full crop is reached from the fourth year. Its taste is quite similar to the one of the well-known ,Elstar'.


,Maipole' x ,Roter Elstar'


pillar shaped growth, steeply upright, short internodes, weak, compact


quite late, lush flowering, very robust, diploid, good pollinator, ,Pompink, Pomforyou' and ,Pomredrobust' fertilize each other mutually


time for harvest: mid-September, ripe for eating: from harvest to December (root cellar)


mid-size, flat/of medium height, with little ribbing, the stem is of medium length, green-yellow, bright red to pink covering, body colour 60 to 80 %, no russeting


very good, with a pronounced acidity

Crop yield:

very high, regular, early onsetting

Special notes:

Due to its low susceptibility to scab, cancer, fruitrot and aphids ,Pomforyou' is an unproblematic allrounder suitable for fresh consumption and processing.