The vitamin bomb ,Pompink' impresses by a rich blossom in spring and an abundant crop in autumn. Due to the acidic taste of the fruits ,Pompink' is a perfect dessert apple but also a cider apple and an apple with many processing qualities. Its slender growth makes it ideal for terrace and balcony, in a cool cellar it is durable until January.


,Obelisk-Flamenco' x ,Topaz'


columnar growth, steep upright, short internodes


quite late, rich blossoming, very robust, diploid, good pollinator; ,Pompink', ,Pomforyou' and ,Pomredrobust' pollinate mutually


time for harvest and ripe for eating: by the end of September until January (root cellar)


medium-sized to large, flat to medium high, quite bulbous, slightly ribbed, quite long, green-yellow, bright to purple red, 60 - 80 % of body colour, no russeting


very firm, white and cream flesh


excellent, aromatic, juicy, acidic

Crop yield:

very high, regular, early onsetting

Special notes:

This vital and climatically robust variety is also suited for colder regions and can be stored in a cool cellar until January; very low susceptibility to blight, cancer, fruit rot and aphids; recommended by the Bayerische Landesanstalt für Weinbau und Gartenbau (LWG) as fruit tree for garden and allotment