Pomredrobust AK51-11-95

Slender and healthy by nature, ,Pomredrobust' is the ideal partner for terrace and balcony. Either grown in a tub or as solitary, in groups or as hedge - there are many uses. The mild dessert apple scores with an early starting fruit production and a rich flowering in spring. It is characterised by a high and early fertility even on medium to strong growing rootstocks.


,Telamon Waltz' x ,Topaz'


columnar growth, steeply upright, short internodes   


quite late blossoming, rich flowering, very robust, diploid; ,Pompink', ,Pomforyou' and ,Pomredrobust'pollinate mutually


time for harvest: end of August; ripe for eating: from harvest to November (root cellar)


medium-sized to large, flat to quite hight, quite long stem, green-yellow fruit colour, extensively purple body colour, luminious, 70 – 95 % of body colouer, no russeting


white flesh, firm, juicy


acidic, aromatic

Crop yield:

very high, regular, early onsetting

Special notes:

This scab and mildew tolerant variety is only slightly susceptible to cancer, fruit rots and aphids, the total plant is vital and climatically robust. Thinning is recommended in an over-crop situation.