,Rebella' is a multi-resistant, attractive, colourful autumn variety with an excellent fruit quality and regular high yields. It is suitable as a dessert apple for fresh consumption and can be used for the commercial fruitgrowing as well as for gardens. Due to its insensivity to frost it is also recommended for growing in higher altitudes.


,Golden Delicious' x ,Remo'


weak to quite strong growth, loose, broad crown, together with a strong center, horizontal scaffold branches, well branched, easy to be grown


quite early, mostly high and regular blossoming, low to very low susceptibility to frost, diploid. Good pollinators are among others ,Golden Delicious', ,Idared', ,Pinova', ,Reanda', ,Rewena', ,James Grieve'.


time for harvest: mid-September to the end of september, ripe for eating: from harvest to early December


mid-size to large, high built, medium-ribbed, narrow calyx, no russeting, yellow fruit skin with green dots, up to 80 % bright pale red flamed body colour


soft, yellowish flesh, juicy, very crispy


sweet with a fine acidity, fruity aroma, typical of this variety

Crop yield:

early onsetting, mostly high and regular

Special notes:

robust/resistant to mildew, bacterial leaf blight and spider mites, tolerant to scab (scab resistant Riv6), high compatible for winter frost, susceptible to internal breakdown; recommended by the Landratsamt Ortenaukreis for meadow orchards and gardens. Recommended by the Bayerischen Landesanstalt für Weinbau und Gartenbau (LWG) (standard range for house and allotment gardens).