,Reglindis' is a scab tolerant (scab resistant Va of the apple variety ,Antonovka') and fire blight resistant early autumn variety. Its health, its delicious fruits and the easy handling make it attractive for house gardens. The Interreg IV project "Gemeinsam gegen Feuerbrand (together against fire blight) recommends it as tall-stemmed tree for meadow orchards.


,James Grieve' x ,BK 44,18'


weak to moderate, diagonally upright main branches, good branching, loose crown, suitable as a slender spindle


quite early, rich blossoming, somewhat swaying, low susceptibility to frost, diploid, good pollinator, good pollinators are among others ,Pinova', ,Reanda', ,Retina', ,Remo', ,Rewena'


time for harvest: early September, consecutive; ripe for eating: from harvest to October


mid-size, of medium height, slightly ribbed, yellow fruit skin, covered with 30 to 70 % of grained light red, smooth, somewhat sensitive to pressure


soft flesh, yellowish, fine cell structure, crunchy bite, juicy, delicate


fruity, strong, harmonious, good flavour

Crop yield:

early onsetting, medium high, somewhat irregular

Special notes:

resistant to fruit tree spider mite, tolerant to scab (scab resistant Va), low susceptibility to frost (blossoms), mildew and fire blight, so far no cancer or monilia, highly tolerant to winter frost, perfect for the juice industry due to its ideal sugar-acidity-ratio (about 10:1), recommended by the Landratsamt Ortenaukreis for house gardens