,Rewena' is a multi-resistant winter apple variety with tart-sourish fruits for fresh consumption and processing into juice. It is suitable for the commercial fruit growing, meadow orchards and private orcharding of connoisseurs with integrated and organic farming methods. Due to its low susceptibility to frost it is also recommended for cold regions.


(,Cox Orange' x ,Oldenburg') x ,BX 44,14'


weak to moderate growth, loosely branched, main branches diagonally upright, later hanging, bears on the long (fruiting) wood


quite late to late, high and regular, very low susceptibility to frost, diploid, good pollinator. Good pollinators are among others ,Reglindis', ,Remo', ,Idared', ,Golden Delicious', ,Pilot', ,Pinova'


time for harvest: end of August; ripe for eating: until the beginning of October


medium to large, longish, pear-shaped to medium bulbous, ribbed, narrow calyx, deep stem cavity with long stem, greenish fruit skin with grained, purple body colour (up to 80 %)


soft to medium firm, juicy flesh with a fine cell structure


tart-sourish aroma

Crop yield:

early onsetting, regular, quite high

Special notes:

robust to fire blight and bacterial leaf blight, tolerant to scab (scab resistant Rvi6), even in late frost regions the variety produces a good crop, good keeping quality, regular pruning of fruiting wood is recommended; also recommended by the Landratsamt Ortenaukreis for meadow orchards. The Interreg IV project "Gemeinsam gegen Feuerbrand (together against fire blight) recommends it as tall-stemmed tree for meadow orchards.