Rheingold P1-24-91

Its name speaks volumes - this in the true sense precious popular variety differs from the rest of the range due to its golden-yellow, large and burst-resistant fruits and is very suitable for fresh consumption because of its very aromatic and refreshing taste.


‚President‘ x ‚Severn Cross‘


slowly growing, but vital


annual and perennial wood, self-fertile, medium early, robust


early September, the fruits hold very well on the tree, can be picked in portions during a long period


very large, golden-yellow egg plum, low pruinose, dotted reddish at its sun-exposed side


golden-yellow flesh, medium juiciness, can be removed easily from the stone, firm, becoming softer later on


starting acid accentuated, then pleasantly plummy-refreshing

Crop yield:

very early onsetting, high and regular

Special notes:

fine fresh and dessert fruit; tree is especially suitable for home gardens due to its slow growth; ideal for direct marketing