,Rita' opens the sweet cherry season and usually its fruits are free of maggots thanks to the early ripening. Its slow growth and the high yields make it a valuable asset to gourmets which cannot await the beginning of the sweet cherry season.


,Trusenszkaja 2' x ,H2'


slowly growing, shoots with reddish wood, bent down, globose crown


very early, S-Allele: S5 S22; pollinator with same ripening time i. e.: 'Earlise' ® 'Rivedel', 'Souvenir des Charmes'; pollinators with different ripening time i. e.: 'Samba' ®, 'Sumste' (S), 'Sumbigo' (S), 'Lapins', 'Sweetheart' ®, 'Sumtare' (S)


very early, 1st cherry week, ripens 8 to 10 days before ,Burlat'


mid-size fruit, up to 30 mm if conditions are favourable (soil and good water supply), obtuse, conical form, at the ventral side slightly flat, bright red, almost mahogany fruits


thin skin, soft flesh, somewhat prone to split


good, sweet and sourish

Crop yield:

very productive

Special notes:

It is recommended to plant the variety under a mesh to protect it against birds. Due to the very early blossoming planting grounds with frequent late frost should be avoided.