It is in the middle of August that the scab tolerant variety ,Rosette' opens the apple season with fruits that can be eaten straight from the tree. Its flavour slightly reminds of raspberries and strawberries and its flesh is not whitish yellow but of pink to red colour due to vagaries of nature. A good choice for those who are seeking for something special - it is also ideal for making red apple juice!


mutation of ‚Discovery‘


weak growth, like ,Discovery'


quite early, good pollinators are among others: ,James Grieve Super Compact', ,Jonathan', ,Cox Orange', ,Golden Delicious'


mid-August, about 3 to 4 days after ,Discovery'


of medium size, round, slightly flat fruits with pink speckles and a rosette pattern


firm and juicy red flesh


sweet and sourish with a slight flavour of strawberry/raspberry

Crop yield:

high yields, thinning is recommended for regular yields

Special notes:

To get fruits with red flesh it is important that they are left on the tree until they have fully ripened! The variety is scab tolerant (scab resistant Rvi6) and robust. However, if planted on rootstock M9 sometimes it has a low susceptibility to tree cancer.