Royal Braeburn 

Interesting selection for Northern Europe because of its attractive appearance with rapid production entry.


Mutation von Braeburn aus Neu Zeeland


medium to slow growing, comparable with standard Braeburn,
shoot growth: Type III (falling growth)


Blossom time medium to late, regular and very dense blossom beset, diploid.
Pollinator varieties: Granny Smith, Gala, Idared etc.
(Red Delicious -30% Malus Golden Gem +70%, Malus INRA® Perpetu (-s-) Evereste)


Late variety, fruit ripe for picking mid until the end of October, ripe for consumption, comparable to Lochbui.


in cold storage unitl March, and up to June in CA-storage (CA = Controlled Atmosphere)


fruit medium-sized to large, excellent coloration: light to purple, striped, very attractive


fruit pulp: very firm (to the bite) and crisp, typical of Braeburn


juicy, sweet, sourishsourish, fine aroma

Crop yield:

Fast production entry, excellent yield, slightly susceptible to alternate bearing.

Special notes:

Prone to bitter pit, if the tree does not bring enough yield. Medium degree of susceptibility to scab. Slight thinning recommended.