Sapora AW 106

Sapora is a late-ripening apple variety and its outstanding properties include in particular the sweet and aromatic, crunchy taste and juicy fruit flesh. Sapora is a very profitable variety for direct marketers who have their main sales at harvest time, and additionally it has a good shelf-life. Sapora can be stored in a normal store at 1°C until December/January.


Rubinette x Fuji


Medium strong to strong growth, similar to the parent species; growth performance decreases with increasing age, moderate branching tendencies only 


medium late blossoming, triploid apple variety, at the same time as Elstar; suitable as pollinators: Delcorf, Pinova, Braeburn and Fuji, as well as Evereste and Golden Hornet.


Late variety, harvest time second week of October shortly before or together with Braeburn and respectively 7 up to 14 days after Golden Delicious, two or three picking rounds.


large fruits (200 to 300 g), average fruit size 80 to 85 mm, medium bulbous up to flat shape, smooth skin with a light russet, colour change occurs just before harvest, body colour orange to bright red, basic colour green-yellow


extremely juicy, crisp-sweet fruit pulp, very aromatic apple that reaches its peak taste flavour shortly after the harvest, during tastings it is always on the top

Crop yield:

high yields

Special notes:

susceptible to bruising, therefore to be picked and respectively sorted at an adequate warming only; it is one of the CO2-sensitive varieties, medium shelf-life; thinning is recommended in order to achieve optimum fruit quality and to avoid alternation.