Swing PiSue192

This sweet cherry kills two birds with one stone: Swing is one of few varieties which is self-pollinating that is why it does not need the second tree for fertilization. The fruit ripen almost one week after Burlat therefore, as a rule, they are not interesting for the cherry fruit fly. Herewith your dream about the variety without worms for the small orchards comes finally true.


Nabigos x Stella


Quite strong growth with good side crotch


self-fertile (S-Allele S4‘S9), early blossoming


4. cherry week, approximately 6 days after Burlat


Very big fruits (ca. 28 mm) in case of normal yield; heart-shaped, long stalk, in complete ripeness fruits are dark red


red, fairly compact flesh


Mellow well-balanced sweet

Crop yield:

Regular and high

Special notes:

There are no propensities for diseases, in general very robust.