‚Tipala‘ with its golden-yellow, pink tinged fruits on its sun-exposed side is a very attractive early variety that enriches the house garden since these fruits are hardly to be found on the market. It is at the end of July that this golden plum ripens with a very sweet aroma and is especially delicious when picked and eaten directly from the tree. It is very suitable for direct marketing as well as for the house garden.


‚Tiroler Zuckerzwetschge‘ x ‚Opal‘


medium strong growth, upright to moderately wide


early blossoming, partly self-fertile (positive experiences were made with ‚Haroma‘ and ‚Cacaks Schöne‘ as pollinators)


end of July to mid-August


mid-size to large fruits, attractive golden-yellow, with pink cheeks on its sun-exposed side


large fruits with yellow flesh which can be removed very easily from the stone


harmoniously sweet

Crop yield:

high regular yields

Special notes:

The variety has a high field tolerance against sharka (plum pox virus) and is therefore well suited for the home garden; with regard to the storage of the fruits attention must be paid to the fact that bruises on yellow plums are typically more visible than on blue fruits